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October 22, 2011
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My latest animated video. by chakhabit My latest animated video. by chakhabit
Finally!!! I thought they'll never post it!!! Watch the whole thing on youtube here

This is an extract from The Destiny Undone segment I animated for Sarab, a free webcomic with a twist, I'm having incredible fun working on it with my friends.

If you like animation and comics, check it out! It's ridiculously fun! Although, you can't vote right now before chapter 02 starts. But oh man, I'm still feeling guilty for voting lobsters T_T Karin and Sarab were so cute together! I voted later to get him to impress her, but then BAM!!!! But whatever! I'll fight for them!
For those who haven't seen the webcomic yet, Chapter 01 is already all up.

And, the webcomic is due to officially launch very early in January once the website is completed. This is the most fun project I've ever been involved in, and the best part is, I have no idea where the story is going... I'm voting like the rest of the readers to shift things around. And I can't wait for it to get rolling! 8D
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I love Sarab it is so good, is it ever coming back tho?
Also your art is amazing!
is this project dead? :(
Cinder254 Nov 19, 2011  Student General Artist
Omg i loooove it!!!
Very nice indeed! I can't wait to see what strange turns chapter two will take :)
I'm a late comer to the comic, so I didn't get to vote on any of the pages for chapter 1. Definitely voting in chapter 2 though!

Even though I didn't vote, it still felt like a punch to the gut seeing that Sarab and Karin could've kissed (c'mon people. Lobsters? Really? Okay the dialogue was funny).

And the ending... O_O

Were there any other outcomes for the ending or the other situations besides the canon and alternate versions? Will a sort of list be released showing what every choice could have led too? That'd be awesome.
OMG I just read this D8
I hate how comments stack and I start missing stuff!

Yep, there was just 1 more ending. As for situations, yes, there were several more scenarios that would've echoed throughout chapter 2 as well, but nothing major like running into the blonde wind wielder or ending up with Karin.
The list is actually an interesting idea. But, it can't be done until the entire story is concluded. I'm on the story crew now T_T so I can tell you this: there are entire chapters that could or could not happen!!! So some events would be spoilers. Some would introduce characters that Sarab won't meet in the canon, and some would reveal events that otherwise would be unknown. It's really complicated so the Destiny Undone segments are the safest unspoilery way to go about it.
It's really so complicated that we decided to postpone a bit so we can fine tune at least 90% of all possible story lines. There are even 3 possible love interests, 2 forbidden love scenarios, and 3 love triangles D8
HEADACHE!!!! And still, I have no idea where the story is gonna go, but I have my fave plot line now 8q I wonder if people will go with that? And I should stop posting stuff about it otherwise I would spill something I shouldn't 8U

And lobsters XD I voted lobsters with a passion! D8
OMGOSH, even though you can't say too much, I am loving this already. :la: Definitely put out a list when all is said and done! To see all the different ways the story could have gone would be awesome.

ACK! 3 possible love interests, 2 forbidden love scenarios, and 3 love triangles!? Can you imagine the shipping wars that might cause? Fandoms are insane! Just thinking about it gives me PTSD...

Even though they've only been brought up once, Lobsters have morphed into a running gag inside my head. I keep imagining Sarab has a strange fixation on them, and always brings them up when in uncomfortable situations. Why? LOBSTERS, that's why. :slow:
Awesome! I'm really looking forward to chapter 2!
SpiritOfNature Oct 23, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, this is amazing
AlyonaMaksimova Oct 23, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Just discovered the comic for myself... Geee, that is definitely something. Amazing experience! :nod:
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